Staying Mentally Positive for Musicians

Staying mentally positive for musicians is absolutely vital when things are not always going their way. A lot of folks resort to drugs and booze, which can often get out of control. What I found helps me, is cognitive behaviour therapy, or CBT. Here are some basics on the subject.Cognitive therapists are most likely

What is CBT?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a type of therapy. It has been proved to help treat a wide range of emotional and physical health conditions in adults, young people and children. CBT looks at how we think about a situation and how this affects the way we act. In turn our actions can affect how we think and feel. The therapist and client work together in changing the client’s behaviours, or their thinking patterns, or both of these. There are also a range of self-help book and courses for those that are short of time. Another thing that is similar is mindfulness which can be read about here:


What can CBT help with?

CBT has been seen to be effective in the treatment of the following conditions:

  • anxiety disorders (including panic attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder). Ideal for Musicians who need to get up in front of an audience
  • depression
  • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • schizophrenia and psychosis
  • bipolar disorder

There is also good evidence that CBT is helpful in treating many other conditions, including:

  • chronic fatigue
  • anxiety disorders in children
  • chronic pain
  • physical symptoms without a medical diagnosis
  • sleep difficulties
  • anger management

How CBT is delivered?

Cognitive therapists are most likely to use one of the following:

It can be offered in individual sessions with a therapist or as part of a group. The number of CBT sessions you need depends on the difficulty you need help with. Often this will be between five and 20 weekly sessions lasting between 30 and 60 minutes each. CBT is mainly concerned with how you think and act now, instead of looking at and getting help with difficulties in your past.

You and your therapist will discuss your specific difficulties and set goals for you to achieve. CBT is not a quick fix. It involves hard work during and between sessions, similar to homework. Your therapist will not tell you what to do. Instead they will help you decide what difficulties you want to work on in order to help you improve your situation. Your therapist will be able to advise you on how to continue using CBT techniques in your daily life after your treatment ends.

CBT is available in a wide range of settings, as well as hospitals or clinics. It is sometimes provided in the form of written or computer-based packages. This may be combined with flexible telephone or face-to-face appointments to check progress and help overcome any barriers to putting into practice what you have learned. This way of delivering CBT has made it more accessible to people with busy lives, and has also reduced delays in getting help.

Self-help CBT

CBT-based self-help books are available. There are also websites providing information on CBT techniques which are free to access. Evidence does show that using them works better with support from a therapist, especially for low mood. This is best for people that are short of time, but will take make the effort to change.

So, if as a muso you are struggling mentally, why not look into the above? You will be glad that you did.

Once again, why not check this out:

Top Hard Rock Albums of the 80s

It was the best of times… it was the worst of times… of course we’re talking about 80’s music. Nothing beats the heavy metal, hard rock, and hair bands of the 80’s. Here’s our list of the top 10 best metal / hard rock CDs or records from that decade, starting from positions 10 to 6:

Hard Rock 1

10. Twisted Sister – Stay Hungry: Twisted Sister brought a whole new generation to anthem rock. Their videos had us cracking up and their music got the mosh-pit pumping. Sure they looked pretty freaky in their drag-like outfits and makeup, but they knew how to write songs that kicked ass. We’re Not Gonna Take It had parents everywhere quivering in their boots. Burn in Hell was even featured in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure in a memorable scene.

9. Poison – Look What the Cat Dragged In: My friends and I had the greatest parties and this CD was always playing. They were a total party band, which was captured on this release. Songs like I Want Action, Talk Dirty to Me and Look What the Cat Dragged In were perfect for partying and picking up chicks. They still go on tour and bring a couple of the 80’s metal acts with them. The shows are always fun although I could do without C.C. Deville’s guitar solos.

8. Virgin Steele – Noble Savage: Dave Defeiss has such a distinct voice that you either think it’s really cool or it’s really annoying. This release has a lot of catchy songs and even makes keyboards sound good. Songs like We Are the Night, I’m on Fire, and Noble Savage are still relevant today. The band is still around although I wouldn’t recommend any of the new stuff.

7. AC/DC – Back in Black: The songs on this release have been so overplayed that I’m almost reluctant to put this on the list. But it is one of the greatest hard rock CDs of all time. Angus Young has more energy than a 5 year old on a sugar high. His guitar playing incorporated a nice touch of blues during the solos while his brother held down the tight rhythm. Brian Johnson always sounded like his vocal chords were shredded, which really worked on songs from this album. They are still rocking and still relevant, even at my dad’s age.

6. Teeze – S/T: What? You never heard of this band? They released one of the best indy albums, then signed with a major label, changed their name to Roughhouse and released one of the crappiest CDs. Never mess with something that is not broken.

So far, not a bad list.

Getting Extra Cash For Your Music Dreams

 This follows on from a previous post last year, where I discussed some other ways to boost your cashflow, particularly on the internet.

The benefits of this are huge. Plus you will have more time to practise with your band until you get discovered.

Being a muso can be expensive at the start, if your expenses exceed the money coming in. Once you have made it, however, this situation is reversed and the cash flows the other way, which is thewhole idea. This is no different to any other business, so you need to invest in yourself at the beginning of the process as much as possible.


If you are in the former, why not check out this site which contains ways to make cash on the web. This is still the best way to go, and it leaves more time for family, any other job commitments, and band practice as previously mentioned.

Money 1

Making money online also has a lot of other plus points, so it is worth the effort initially. Here is a good way to build a recurring income stream. This is the best situation to be in, as things can just be left as is, but the money still flows in. This good in any situation, but great for musicians. It can take a little effort to set up but definitely worth it in the long run. Making a residual income on top of that as a muso is a great scenario tobe in.

The uses for the money generated will be unique to each person, from ferrying yourself to gigs, to marketing costs, to pay for smashed instruments. However, even a little bit will help ease the burden until you get discovered. Once you do, life is going to be a massive party!

Keep on rocking!

Choosing an Identity for Your Band – How about Savile Row Suits?

When choosing an outfit to play in, care needs to be taken at the outset. The reason for this this that it quickly defines who you are. Do you choose between Savile Row Suits or Jeans and T-shirts. The former is always a classy look, so with that in mind, here are 8 musicians that have made this look their own.

This Aussie artist has been rocking everything from a three piece to a pinstripe since the mid-70s. Plus, he is in our genre. Or has dabbled at least.

Ol’ Blue Eyes always turned looking his best in the finest threads.
Pretty much every rat pack member actually turned out in suits.

Don’t forget about The King. Although the 70’s may not have been a great look.

Okay, probably not what you were thinking, but….

This Swedish rock band captured the globe’s attention in 2000, and are known for performing in matching suits – always in black and white. These guys are experimental when it comes to the suit, and have sported every style from mariachi madness to Colonel-Sanders-style pizazz and boarding school chic. They still look timeless and cool. Even the overweight drummer! These guys used bespoke tailors London to get this iconic look.

Or whatever his name may be this week.
Let’s be honest, the 68-year-old has worn basically every garment ever invented since gracing us with his presence in the 1960s… but boy does he do justice to a well cut suit:

So if these guys do it, why not try and emulate them? It seems that most bands have gone the sloppy road, which is a touch unfortunate, when a world of Bespoke Suit London awaits. Even for bands of the hard rock variety, this is a good option to look at.

Need Money To Make Music – Try Profit Maximiser

 Until one makes it big in the music industry, we have to look at any opportunites that allow us to make some money, plus still provide ample time to practice. If you are in this position, then why not try two products by a guy called Mike Cruikshank. Here is a Profit Maximiser Review which is the first. This has come on the heels of Bonus Bagging, which has been massively successful and has allowed 8000+ people the opportunity to supplement their income.
Profit Maximiser Review
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If you want to look at a Bonus Bagging Review instead, have a look. Both of these will only take around an hour a day to implement, giving you plenty of time to practice and pour into your musical life.

Plus, there is a 60-day money back guarantee, so there is not a lot to lose. It actually beats working 40 hours in a menial job.

Best Hard Rock Albums Continued

In the last post, we gave you our favourite albums from Hard Rock acts from the 1980s. We started the count, and here we finish it off.

5. Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast:  The band still sounds awesome and they still put on great live shows. And they still play three songs from this release – Number of the Beast (with the classic Vincent Price intro), Run to the Hills, and Hallowed Be Thy Name. Bruce Dickinson took over the vocals for Paul Di'anno and took this band to the next level. He provided a melodic voice that matched the distinctive guitar and bass sounds.

4. Motley Crue – Shout at the Devil: I already had worn through my copy of Too Fast for Love when Shout at the Devil was released. When I saw the video for Looks that Kill, I was mightly impressed. This looked like a bunch of the biggest bad asses at the time. They became bigger than life with their stories of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll, and this CD captured it all perfectly. After Vince got out of jail from the car accident that killed Razzle, they just didn't have the same sound any more. They released some catchy songs but I don't think they ever released another album where all the tracks were memorable. This is a classic, and is rare.

3. Metallica – Ride the Lightning: Metallica knew how to write kick ass songs in the 80's. They followed up Kill 'Em All with Ride the Lightning, taking their sound to the next level. Their song writing got better and the production really helped capture their crunching guitars and Hetfield's powerful voice. These were serious head banging songs to get the heart racing.

2. T.T. Quick – Metal of Honor: Not only are all the songs memorable on this release, but the production is astounding. With songs like Metal of Honor, Child of Sin, and Come Beat the Band, this band had so much potential. The release just wasn't promoted properly and the band never really hit it big like they should have. They've released a couple CDs since then and play live shows every once in a while. Very much a one hit wonder in terms of albums.

1. Guns and Roses – Appetite for Destruction: Let me start off by saying that I can't even listen to this CD anymore. It's been so overplayed on the radio and tv. But when this came out, I couldn't get enough of it. It didn't matter though because every song was amazing. And it took about a year for this CD to become huge so we were able to see the band play at a small venue. They put on a great live show so pity they could not get it together off the stage.

So there we have it. Some real great stuff in there.